Executive Testing Leadership Roadshow - agile, mobile, new style?

Thank you for choosing to attend Cognizant's Executive Testing Leadership Roadshow at Swissotel Le Plaza,
Basel (Switzerland).
The Executive Testing Leadership Roadshow is an exclusive Cognizant event for executives and senior professionals only. Registration is upon invitation and capacity is limited.

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The Program

The Test Data Challenge

Robert Bonomo, Swiss Country Head of Quality Engineering and Assurance Practice,

This introduction will give an overview about the challenges with test data during the software development lifecycle. The availability, accuracy and referential integrity of test data have become a hot topic in many companies. Client data confidentiality has an impact on the way test data is made available. The size of the test data has an impact also on possible test scenarios and the ability to do load and performance testing. The pattern of the test data defines how to verify production incidents in the test environments.

A practice view on Test Data from DEVK Versicherungen

Thomas Prang, Head of Central Test Management and Project Portfolio Management,
DEVK Versicherungen

With software systems becoming increasingly complex and connected, a central test governance organization as well as system integration testing are becoming more and more important. At the DEVK insurance company the introduction of standard & packaged software increased the need for better integration tests. Adequate test data is key for integration testing. In this presentation the approach and experiences in consistent subsetting and masking of production data for test systems as implemented at DEVK will be demonstrated.

Efficient Test Data provisioning

Wolfgang Epting, Subject Matter Expert ILM, Informatica

As big data gets bigger, IT organizations must develop scalable new strategies to mitigate the increased risk of losing control of it. This presentation will discuss how to safeguard data privacy and ensure regulatory compliance by defining and classifying sensitive data, identifying where sensitive data lives across applications and databases, creating data subsets and applying consistent data masking rules across systems. We will also discuss how to measure, monitor, and prove data security.

Followed by an optional business lunch